Team034 Website Optimizer (for Windows only)

Minify JavaScript & CSS – Optimize (lossless) JPG, PNG & GIF (Windows only – 100% free version).

Minify CSS and JavaScript, optimize (lossless) PNG, JPG and GIF images, very easy with Team034 Website Optimizer. With minified CSS, JS and optimized images you will save bandwidth, get faster page response and get higher score on PageSpeed. Languages: English and Serbian. Possible virus warning is 100% false positive.

Minify CSS and JavaScript very easy with Team034 Website Optimizer.

Team034 Website Optimizer - JS and CSS


  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • New files are created with .min.js or .min.css
  • Files with .min. in name are ignored
  • You can create project for website or use per folder minification
  • Minify CSS or JavaScript from text (copy JS or CSS in clipboard and paste text in Team034 Website Optimizer)
  • Minification Log file

Optimize (lossless) PNG, JPG & GIF as much as possible. Please backup images before you start image optimization.

Team034 Website Optimizer - Images


  • Team034 Website Optimizer uses a combination of lossy and lossless optimization to reduce file size of the images
  • Optimize JPG images
  • Optimize PNG images – 2 phases (faster optimization, some PNG images can be optimized even more on 4 phases)
  • Optimize PNG images – 4 phases (very slow optimization, absolute maximum optimization)
  • Optimize GIF images
  • You can create project for website or use per folder image optimization
  • Optimization Log file

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